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Jan 17, 2019 · Entering the Outstanding White-tailed Deer Program For information about entering the program see the Entering the Outstanding White-tailed Deer Program page. To receive a registration form and information by mail, please request the specific application form(s) needed: typical, non-typical, 200 pound, or 135 doe. Send a self-addressed ... Oct 20, 2015 · Scoring Deer: Measuring Abnormal Points ... Scoring A Whitetail Deer Is Easy! ... How to Score Non-Typical Mule Deer with Palmation using B&C Rules - Duration: 41:07. Epic Outdoors 2,487 views. 41:07.

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Elk Typical Elk Non-Typical Whitetail Deer Typical Whitetail Deer Non-Typical Bison (Woods & Plains) Wild Boar Mule Deer Typical Mule Deer Non-Typical Tibetan Yak Corsican Sheep Four Horn Ram European Mouflon Sheep Aoudad Sheep Fallow Deer Caribou Wild Turkeys Please check you updated measurement requirements for Non-typical whitetail entry. You need 12 inches of non-typical tine to qualify. This is a recent change. Too many people were moving to the non-typical catatgory so they could get the higher score if it made non-typical. You need to check this because it is a recent change. BLANK SCORE SHEETS for entry into the big game record books for Oregon or Washington are listed below. The same score sheet is used for all categories for that species and divisions (i.e. rifle, archery, archery velvet, and black powder categories and the regular and youth divisions) except shed antler, which have their own score sheets. May 22, 2012 · When scored as a non-typical, those abnormal points are added into the score rather than subtracted as they are for a typical score. If a buck has many non-typical points it should be scored as a non-typical. A buck can only be entered into one of the two categories. The final decision on which category the buck is entered in rests with the hunter.

On typical deer you not only have to subtract those odd points but you never get credit for them to start with so the gross score does not reflect them and then to get the net you must subtract them again. So it isn't like they just never grew they are actually a detriment to the score, both net and gross. Thats it. Now get to measuring. By ... Scoring whitetail deer is by no means an exact science. In all fairness to the five different individuals who scored this set of antlers, Melton’s trophy is really a measurer’s nightmare. All but one of the five were on hand to examine the score sheet and compare it to the rack, as were several other scorers.

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Hunting elk is a sport, no different than any other, and as in any sport, measuring, scoring and quality go hand in hand. Key measurements on typical or non-typical American elk, Roosevelt's or tule elk antlers are needed to obtain the score. Deer Typical Whitetail Deer Non-Typical Whitetail Deer Typical Coues' Whitetail Deer Non-Typical Coues' Whitetail Typical Mule Deer Non-Typical Mule Deer Typical Blacktail Deer Non-Typical Blacktail Deer Typical Columbia Blacktail Typical Sitka Blacktail . Elk Typical American Elk Non-Typical American Elk Roosevelt's Elk Tule Elk Goat Rocky ...