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Sentek Solutions Ltd, 1010 Cambourne Business Park Cambridge, CB23 6DP England Tel +44 1223 923 930 Fax +44 1223 923 940 www.sentekeurope.com Ninguna Categoria; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - e. Anuncio UTM-30LX is a 2-dimensional laser sensor for measuring the distance to the objects. Wide range scanning, 30m and 270゜. Available for outdoor use because of 100,000lux for ambient illuminance and IP64 for protective structure. High-speed response, 25msec. 12VDC. Scanning Laser Range Finder UTM-30LX FDA approval Laser type System structure

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Back to Top English | Japanese. How to set up URG hardware. This page explains how to set up URG. To make the URG operational, it must be wired for power supply unit and communication to PC. The Hokuyo UTM-30LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder is a small, affordable and accurate laser scanner that is perfect for robotic applications. The UTM-30LX is able to report ranges from 100mm to 30m (1mm resolution) in a 270° arc (0.25° angular resolution). Its power consumption — 12V 700ma — allows it to be used on battery operated platforms.

The UTM-30LX-EW also has a larger mass at 210g and the UST-10LX, URG-04LX-UG01, and UBG-04LX-F01 have smaller masses at 130g, 160g, and 185g, respectively. GRAPHICAL COMPARISON OF SCAN RANGE This diagram shows a graphical representation of the scanning range of each Hokuyo range finding laser featured.

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anteriormente, hay uno, el HOKUYO 30LX-EW que solamente presenta el inconveniente de que dicho sensor por sí solo no logra adquirir información 3D del entorno, pero aún así es el sensor que más cerca está de conseguir dicho objetivo y merece seguir teniendo presente esto a la hora de realizar propuestas de sistemas sensoriales. Procurando praticidade, segurança e inúmeros benefícios? Conheça todas as soluções do banco que mais cresce no Brasil! Acesse e confira a agência mais próxima!